Technical Tales 6+

Technical tales series for younger and older readers show the principle behind engines, clutches and many other things besides.


All I need to know... 3+

Let's play 3+
Set designed to cultivate dexterity and curiosity in apt children.

Children's Theatre 4+
The Children’s Theatre series allows you not only to read your favorite fairy tales, but also to play them. The box contains puppets, sceneries, and a book of three fairy tales and can be used as a theatre stage. The stories are written in a style that captures the attention of even the smallest children. Each tale includes a shortened script. Just set up the pieces, get the puppets ready and let the performance begin! The beautiful and varied set pieces make the characters come alive.

Little Driver 3+
Rounded board books for little drivers. Wheel inside!

Travel Case 3+
Fun and games for a long journey in the form of a little travel case.

What's your job? 6+
What does a surgeon do? Who can become a ship’s captain? And where will I work when I grow up? The book series What’s Your Job will help curious children to answer these questions.

Bernie and Ben 6+

Time Traveller 6+
Book with a unique mechanism designated to transfer to another part of the book.

Are You Afraid of Ghosts? 5+
Two brothers Ian and Tommy enter an old dilapidated house whose inhabitants are skeletons, spiders, witches, ghosts and enchanted knights...

Funny Kit for Kids 3+
Have a great fun with this pack including two board books and a few colour foam parts. Imaginative and playful, this colourful volume is an inspiration to your children´s creativity and imagination. A child can read, play as well as learn. It could be also an entertaining learning resource for every family and nursery school.

Atlases for Children 6+
Let's explore world in seven folding maps, set out on a voyage of discovery for young astronauts or learn about the most interesting animals from all over the world.

Look Inside 5+
A series of books of non-traditional design for children aged 5 and over. This 6-page book is complemented with panoramas showing the most interesting places addressed by that particular title. Using a turning mechanism and a magnifying peephole, the child reader can explore six three-dimensional views. The first mini-series of two books shows children what is hidden just below the surface of the city, and in the city itself.  

What Goes On... 4+

What Goes On at the Airport or Railway Station? What types of aeroplanes or locomotives do we use? Who takes care of the everyday running of an airport or railway station? That you will find out with our new series destined for children aged 4 and over. Using the peel-off objects on the left-hand side of the cover, a child can become a part of the staff and try out how an aeroplane takes off and lands or become the driver of his/her own train.


Little Shoes 3+
Build and Play 3+
My Day with... 3+

Crazy Mix and Match 3+

Fashion Story 8+
Bon Voyage 4+

Yesterday & Today 6+
Peek-A-Boo 3+

What Goes on in a... 4+

How Animals Live 6+
The Story of the Car 8+
How Things Are Made 6+
Tell Me More about Food 7+
I’m Not Afraid of the Dark 3+

How Plants Grow Series 3+

Embroidery Fairy Tales 4+
I Want To Understand Ballet 5+

My First Herbarium With Little Mole 3+

Look Inside: Fruit and Vegetables 4+

A Big Book of the Dark 6+

Let’s play! +3

What It’s Like in... 4+

We invite you to a visit of a school, a house or the Princess´s Castle. Letś take a walk through building, glance into all rooms and find out what everyday life looks like there. Do you want to witness dragon´s clutches or spend your day at school? With our new series for very small children you can. Just peel-off figure from left-hand side of the cover and begin to play.


Fairy Tale TV Carousel 3+
A panoramic TV carousel filled with fairy tales and surprises. The classic fairy tale for the very young in truly non-traditional form. Twice the same fairy tale, in two different versions. A book for parents and children whose design is sure to captivate children so that they will return to it again and again.


Little Vehicles 3+
Come to see our new series of board books for the smallest readers in non-traditional form. Little Vehicles series connects a toy and a book to one attractive form.
On the Move 4+

This new series combines the attractiveness of a three dimensional view from above of shaped cut-outs with a transparent books that allows us to see inside. The new type of box shows the shape of the book even when the box is closed. Realistic illustrations are combined with vector illustrations and describe each topic to young readers in playful and attractive form.


Get to Know 3+

A new series of board books for the smallest readers in the form of a town, a zoo and an airport. Hidden inside a big folding board cover are 6 small board books with beautiful and exemplifying illustrations.



Nature in Parts 7+

Books from this new series capture the reader’s attention by their special format and form. The book is divided into several parts of unequal size that together make up a complex picture of the nature of a certain place. Children can decide which animals they would like to learn more about before they open the relevant part and begin to read.

Cubooks 3+

This fun new series called CUBOOKS for very young children presents traditional topics in non-traditional form. The books are supplemented with four large picture cubes which can be used to practice everything the child has learned from the book. The child can assemble the cubes by making logical connections or by using the key that is found in a symbol at the centre of each folded cube. He/she can also build the cube by looking in the book: the pictures on the cubes match the individual themes of the pictures on its fold-out pages.
Time Machine 7+

Four books in one and in addition a special release mechanism that enables you to browse through your chosen book: this is what our Time Machine offers you.


Choose & Learn 3+

Rotating release mechanism enables you to browse through your chosen book. Four board books in one book for the smallest readers.


For the Smallest Readers

The titles are destined for children aged 6 and over. Our aim is to educate and entertain at the same time. We want the children to get back to our books with a pleasure. Our books combines beautiful illustrations with an interesting content. Moreover every book brings a new idea that will intrigue the children and draw them into reading.

Books from series >>

The Shape books 7+

Let us introduce you our new children´s series – THE SHAPE BOOKS


The Shape books 5+

Our new children´s series - The Shape books for youngest readers.


Books with Treasure
Adventurous books about revealing the secrets that have been hidden for centuries. On their journey towards the secret readers will learn many interesting facts from the history, experience adventure together with the main characters and at the end they find a surprise inserted in the secret compartment of the book.

See books from this series >>


Treasures and Adventures


The books from this series interconnect adventure, thrill, edification and entertainment into one interactive complex. They are destined for children aged 10 and over and each book brings „something new". They contain maps, enclosed materials, interactive tasks, notes from voyages, mysteries, secret, indicia that urge the reader to think and drag him into the plot. Isn´t it what every child wants? From the initial idea till the final appearance of the book, we think mainly of our readers because we make books for them. Our main aim is to entertain our readers.

Books from series >>

Venture and Knowledge

Let´s get to know the world, nature, architecture and history thanks to gripping stories and in the form that children will like from the first moment. We also were children and we remember well which books we liked most.

Books from series >>

Animal life 3+

Small shape books for smallest children.


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